TRAVELLER - The perfect holiday knit

If you're anything like me, you're a victim of constant over-committing in a flurry of excitement. There are 27 days left before Christmas Day and I still have three pairs of socks, two pairs of mittens, a baby sweater, and other undetermined knitted gifts to finish, along with decorating my new home, baking enough treats to supply an army, and gift shopping. 

It comes from the best place - the desire to give. I absolutely love to knit for others. In my family, knits are appreciated and loved so I always try to include something knit for Christmas. However, in busy times like these, I do struggle to find time to do it all. 

The Traveller headband is designed to be a quick and enjoyable knit that can also be worn! All you need is about 100yds of worsted weight wool, 5mm needles, and two buttons and you can have yourself a headband within a few hours. 


And the best part of all - it's FREE! Download Traveller directly from this site and get your gift knitting under control once and for all!

And don't forget to post your finished projects to Ravelry and Instagram (@knitsprite)

Happy Holidays (and Holiday Knitting!)