I can't remember a time that I didn't knit. 

I remember the first project I started with AWFUL eyelash yarn, claimed from my mother's knitting basket. I remember how one side seemed to miraculously have this really cool slant, only to discover, I was doing something wrong and needed to undo all of my precious work.

I remember finding a half finished Harry Potter scarf rolled up, stuffed in the back of my closet, a few years later. I remember having the sudden desire to finish the scarf and watched Disney's Cinderella on my bed while I re-navigated the stitches. 

I remember the first pair of mittens I made - colourwork without properly stranding along the back; my first skein of "fancy" yarn; my first shawl made with 100% wool; the first time I made a pair of socks; the first time I made up a design; the first time I threw dye on some white yarn to see what happened; the first knitting circle I joined; and the list continues. In all of these memories, I am happy. Not the jumping for joy, ecstatic type of happy, but the special kind of contentment that comes with the process of creating something from nothing.

This is the inspiration for KnitSprite - a small business focused on the simple joy of making something with sticks and string. Knitting is more than the finished product - it's a love of creation. 

As this business grows, I hope you will engage in the knitting process, be it at the learning stage or the purchasing of HandKnits just for you. In the meantime, I would love to know your thoughts about knitting and how I can help you join in! I can be reached at knitsprite@gmail.com