The tale of the Missing Sock

Gather round and hear the amazing tale of the GROOVE socks. 

On WWKIP Day, here in St. John's we had a knit night at the Geek Bar to celebrate two things: 1 - knitting (obvs), and 2 - the one-of-a-kind Rhichard Devrieze was in town! In May, Rhichard had contacted me to design some socks with his new colourway, appropriately called "Rha-Rha-Rhichard," a vibrant and wild variegated sock yarn. So I got to work figuring out a pattern than would show off his work. 


Skip ahead to WWKIP Day, and I am on the foot of the second sock. Almost there! I took them to the bar to finish them off while chatting with friends and had a lovely time. I was about 8 rows away from finishing the toe of the sock when our ride home appeared. I stuff them in the bag and run out the door, not wanting to have to pay $50 for a cab across town. (Did I mention my FIL is amazing?)

We get home and after about 30 minutes, I decide I have enough energy left in me to finish that sock, except my bag is nowhere to be found. We tear up the house - nothing. FIL checks his vehicle - nothing. We call the bar - nothing. We even looked outside our house in case it had somehow fallen out there - no dice. The next morning, I even went back to the bar to check around outside with no luck. Where the hell have these socks wandered off to? 

So here I am, on the following Monday morning, convinced these socks have fallen into a black hole (where one of my sweaters and many socks have ended up mind you), when suddenly, there is a break in the case! A friend of the LYS owner saw a FB post of a knitting bag on her colleagues lawn. That colleague lives about 15 houses up from me. My heart skips a beat. "They're alive!" I say, confusing my colleagues within earshot. 

I was very lucky to get those socks back. Even more, I am very lucky that my neighbour didn't simply throw them in the trash. It was a great lesson in the kindness of others - not just the lady who found the bag, but anyone who helped look. 

So that's it! That's the story of the missing (and eventually returned) socks. Of course, now the pattern is being released, so you can also have a pair of Groove socks - I just hope that they don't go missing along the way. 

For this weekend only, you can get 15% off the pattern in my Ravelry Store when you use coupon code KS-GRV-2018. Simply add the pattern to your cart and enter the code when you check out!

Happy Knitting!