summer knitting

cottage 12.JPG

Have you ever met a knitter who doesn't knit in the summer? 

It baffles me. As someone who loves knitting, as well as someone recently turned designer, every season is knitting season. Despite the 35 degree weather and 100% humidity, yarn continues to work in this house. I even ended up with a sweater this summer!

However, I will say that summer makes me crave being in the woods. When I was a kid, we would pack up our swimming gear, enough clothes for a week, and a couple of toys and books and make our way across the island to Bonne Bay Pond, a gorgeous little spot just north of Deer Lake, NL, and stay with my grandparents. Dad always said that he never really cared to go home to Corner Brook (his hometown), but he always wished he could be at the cabin. 

My last trip there was in 2014. The cabin, much smaller and a little shabbier than my childhood memories, was still the magical, relaxing experience. While toys were traded for knitting, and the Hardy Boys for Self-Improvement Books, I enjoyed being out of the city and back to nature. A few years back, my Grandfather (my last grandparent) passed away and unfortunately, I haven't been back to the west coast of the island since. But every summer, I fantasize about packing up the Yaris and making the 700km trek across the island in the name of peace, nature, and family. 

Today, my newest pattern launches - Cottage Mitts. There's nothing fancy about them. They are just a simple, cute, functional pair of mitts. Just like that 700 square foot cabin on the pond. Sometimes, we need to take a moment to go back to simplicity. 

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Enjoy whatever the rest of summer may bring!