hand•knits (noun)
Handmade items made with love and worn with pride. Sometimes referred to as "woollies" or "woolens," these items quickly become a favourite addition to any wardrobe. 

KnitSprite specializes in handknits made with quality materials. While some stock exists, most items will need to be custom ordered - that means you choose the style, colours, and fit desired for the perfect knit, just for you. 

Below is a gallery of handknits made by KnitSprite. If you have questions about any of these items, contact knitsprite@gmail.com

To inquire about a custom order, please complete the following form, giving a brief description of what you are looking for and the general timeline. 
*Please note that handknits take a significant amount of time to complete, so if ordering with a deadline, please contact as early as possible to ensure a prompt delivery

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Knitting not only relaxes me, it also brings a feeling of being at home.
— Magdalena Neuner